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DJ Maverick Desi DJ Houston Sugar Land

Transbeats Entertainment provides wide variety of Audio and Visual Services including DJ, Lighting and Event Services. All our services come with free music consultation for your first dance, bridal party entrance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, cake, bouqet toss, etc.

Transbeats Entertainment provides music for all occassions beat Weddings (Western and Indian including Indian Sangeet), Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Home Comings, or any other private party. We have wide collection of songs from both sides of the continent to cater to the variety of requests at the show. 
DJ Maverick Desi DJ Houston
Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Write to us at​ or call us at 520.241.5985
Uplighting transforms and enhances the ambience of the venue in a very elegant way. This lighting is displayed upwards on walls, tables, columns and ceiling in almost any desired color. All the lights are DMX controlled and the colors can be changed at any time. Depending on the size of the hall and the height of the ceiling, we can customize the uplighting requirements.
Transbeats Entertainement uses all professional grade equipment to provide high quality sound like JBL SRX and PRX Series, Mackie SRM Series, dbx  DriveRack, Shure Cordless Microphones, Mackie Mixer, Pioneer DJ Controller with Serato, Native Instruments DJ Controller with Traktor, etc. Depending on the size of the hall and the number of guests, we can customize the sound requirement.
Intelligent dance floor lighting takes DJ lighting to a whole new level, giving your event the look and feel of a nightclub or a concert. The only limitation of intelligent lighting is your imagination! The colors are brighter, more vivid, and offer more combinations than ordinary lighting. Intelligent lighting also gives you the ability to spotlight your special moments and add a real “wow factor” to your event.
Dhol players "Dholi" are very popular in Indian weddings and there is nothing like live drumming. Our experienced dhol players are perfect for wedding processions and receptions. Our Dhol Players come in traditional outfits and can provide solo performances, escort bride & groom and can perform with all types of music along side the DJ. 
DJ booth gives a very clean and professional look to the event. We illuminate the booth with the LED lights which go along with the color theme, hiding all the clutter of wires.
Project your names, initials or design on a dance floor, ceiling or on the wall. A gobo projected on a dance floor creates a focal point which your guests natuarlly gravitate to, dance around and offers unique photo opportunities. An image projected on a wall offers a classic look.
If you are planning to run a slide show, movie  or even a live camera feed, we can provide wide variety of projection options right from projectors, screens to LED/Plasma screens. Depending on the size of the hall, we can recommend the size of the screen and the lumens required for the projection.
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